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Early and  Creators of original Euphoric Trance, Psychedelic Trance, Astral Dub, Trance, Experimantal Techno, Ambient Dance



.....  I suggest that you listen on your own in a safe environment and separate yourself from normal reality (if not already). Unplug the phone, draw the curtains and light a candle and incense stick. Partake of any mediatory tools that you usually use and settle down in your most comfortable listening position...

Safe Journey to all travellers...... One Love, Swordfish.


Astralasia Gigs


:: Feel the Love EP ::
Digital Single release date: 17th February 2013
On general release from 17th Feb. Available for iTunes presale now. Premium quality files will be on Beatport from 10th Feb

:: Voyage Til Tomorrow ::
vinyl only ambient album

 :: ReVisitation : Magick Eye Compilation ::
20th Anniversary Special Release Showcase

:: Rhythm Of Life - Celestial Ocean ::

:: Global Disco : Whirl-y-Music Compilation ::

Original CD and vinyl versions of our releases are now available on